Medical Yoga

Creat a contact with your breath and get a mild start for your yoga practice!

"Your mind is your servant, your body is your vehicle and your soul is your residence. There is nothing outside of us. It's all in us". Yogi Bhajan, Yoga Master

Medical Yoga (MediYoga) is based on Kundalini Yoga and uses simple exercises, different breathing techniques and meditations from Kundalini Yoga. MediYoga started it’s practice in Sweden in the end of the 90’s and is today used at yoga centers, different working places and for rehabilitation of different health issues, for example back problems, high blood pressure, insomnia, migraine headaches and other. This kind of yoga improves physical and mental health, reduces stress and gives the opportunity to feel good. 

It is a mild yoga and is suitable for everybody. It is especially good for those who want to take it easy or for those who have health issues. Medical Yoga can also be a good beginning for those who don’t dare to do yoga or for those who don’t believe they can learn to do yoga, for those who are curious about yoga but think it can be difficult to understand the yogic philosophy.

Just as in Kundaliniyoga every yoga pass in Medical yoga consists of:

  • physical and breathing exercises
  • deep relaxation
  • breath- or mantra meditation

Warmly welcome to invest in your health and vitality!