My name is Natalia Eng. My spiritual name is Jansevak Kaur, which means that my life task is to serve people and to spread light to all. I am psychologist,  occupational therapist and I have studied Neuropsychology and Neuropsychological Rehabilitation. I am also an internationally certified teacher in Kundalini Yoga and an instructor in Medical Yoga. I practice the ancient healing technique Sat Nam Rasayan and Womb Awakening. 

I became totally fascinated by Kundalini Yoga and its effects on body, mind and consciousness from the first yoga class. I have started to live for real after I have learnt about and started practicing Kundalini Yoga. Today I feel very harmonic, I have become more satisfied with myself and have stopped worrying about everything. I have finally started to understand who I am and what I want. I enjoy every day and experience life like a flowing stream.